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About the club..

Welcome to Allstars Kickboxing, which is an independent martial art school, I am the Chief Instructor and your lessons will always be taught by me. I have been Kickboxing and Thai boxing for over 30 years & have trained with many well known martial arts instructors including Master Sken and Mr Anthony Jones. I have also trained along side Scott Adkins who has starred in many martial arts films with Jackie Chan and Jet li. I have been teaching for over 20 years and in 2005 I opened my own school of martial arts known as ‘Allstars Kickboxing’.

So what will you learn.. 

Our students begin from age 9 to adult. I will teach you a wide range of kicks and punches incorporating Kickboxing and Muay Thai, all punches and kicks are executed to focus mitts and kick shields which are supplied in class. This is a good confidence builder and excellent for self-defence. 

We always do plenty of press up’s and sit up’s during the lesson as this helps to strengthen your core & help develop your power for punching & kicking, we also work on flexibility training too. I believe a good technique is best taught first which then helps with developing your speed & power for punching & Kicking, technique is the hardest thing to learn, power follows naturally.

All of our classes are open to beginners of ANY fitness level,so just turn up at any venue which is closest to you.


Affiliated to..

We are affiliated to the Cobra Martial Arts Association and I am a member of the International alliance of martial arts schools (IAOMAS).  Being affiliated to a recognised body gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your instructor is reputable.  
Private Lessons..   
I can offer private lessons on a one to one basis which has many benefits including
Fitness,Flexibilty training,Self confidence,Improved sparring technique & motivation.
Feed back from many of my clients have found this good as they have my undivided attention.
Lessons can be done in you area so if you’re interested please E-mail me at: or give me a ring on the contact number listed. 

We look forward to seeing you soon 

Lee Rivers
Chief Instructor